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Zachariah T. Dunn – Kidderville Cemetery, Hodgeman County, Kansas

Zachariah Taylor Dunn was born in 1849 in Harrison County, Kentucky. On September 2, 1875, he married Rebecca Evans. Eight children were born to the couple.

In the spring of 1886, Zachary, Rebecca, and five of their children followed the Santa Fe Trail and landed in Cimarron, Gray County, Kansas. From there, they went north and settled about two miles north of Kalvesta.

The first two years of farming were bumper crops. But the third year, those wicked Kansas winds had blown their crops so much they had little to harvest. Zachary went to Burdett and was able to work on the railroad gang so he could provide for his family.

The 1900 US Census has the Dunn family living in North Roscoe, Hodgeman County. Three sons had been added to the family and Drucilla, a sister of Zachary also lived with them. Typhoid fever struck the area in 1916, and their son, Lloyd died. He was 26 years old. Lloyd was the first Dunn to be buried in Kidderville Cemetery.

In 1920, Zachary and Rebecca moved to Jetmore to spend their final years. Zachary died in 1922. Rebecca passed away in 1936. They are all buried in Kidderville with their son, Lloyd, sister Drusilla, and brother Henry.

Note: Drusilla (1847-1924) and Henry (1855-1933) came with Zachary’s family in 1886. Drusilla lived with Zachary’s family while Henry moved to Dighton, Lane County, Kansas. Neither married.


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