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Sgt. Clinton H. Phelps – Garfield Cemetery, Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas

On September 22, 1862, Cpl. Clinton H. Phelps enlisted in Co. C 125th OH Infantry. At the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge in Georgia on May 9, 1864, Cpl. Phelps was wounded. The following September, his rank was changed to sergeant.

Clinton H. Phelps was born in New York in 1835. After serving three years in the war, Clinton returned to Ohio and married Susan Thompson on April 22, 1866. Three children were born before the family left for Pawnee County in 1874; Harry (4), Mary (2), and baby Gertrude.

The United States government appointed Clinton postmaster in Garfield on September 2, 1874, precipitating their move to Kansas. While working as postmaster, Clinton planned to own and operate a general merchandise store. In March 1874, Clinton arranged to take the Santa Fe train to Dodge City. He also brought merchandise that he would be selling in his store.

Unfortunately, Sgt. Clinton Phelps died on June 19, 1876. The cause of his death is unknown. Susan was now a widow with three children under the age of seven. On December 31, 1879, Susan remarried another veteran of the Civil War, George W. Stone.

Harry, Mary, and Gertrude grew up in Garfield, where they, with their mother, experienced the hardships and deprivations of pioneer life. Ultimately, all three children were married and are buried in Garfield Cemetery with their parents, Clinton and Susan.

Note: The Battle of Rocky Face Ridge occurred in Whitfield County, Georgia, between May 7 – 13, 1864. The Union army prevailed.

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