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Pioneers – William and Jonathan Blount, Larned Cemetery, Larned, Pawnee County, Kansas

The Blount brothers came to Pawnee County in the 1870s. William and his family settled on Ash Creek 4 ½ miles northwest of Larned. Jonathan’s family settled north of Burdett.

Jonathan and William were two of four sons born to Hezekiah and Anna Blount. They were both born in Nicholas County, Kentucky in1828 and 1832 respectively.

Jonathan married Sarah Elizabeth Colliver in 1852. They were blessed with ten children, but two in infancy. Jonathan served one year in the “war of rebellion” in Co. B 10th KY Cavalry and was discharged in 1863. He was held a prisoner of war for four months before being paroled.

William married Nancy Utterback in 1855. They were the parents of five children. After a stop in Illinois, they settled in Ash Creek, Pawnee County in 1873. William along with his three sons staked a claim.

These hardy pioneers faced a myriad of challenges and stayed so their descendants could prosper.

Jonathan died in 1911 at the age of 82. Sarah passed away four years later. They share the same stone in Larned Cemetery.

“Uncle Billy” died in 1901 and Nancy followed him in 1903. They are both buried in Larned Cemetery with their three sons.

Note: Of the 3 million soldiers who served in the Civil War, over 400,000 were taken prisoner. Some were paroled during prisoner exchanges. The soldier took an oath not to fight anymore, but many rejoined their regiments. Approximately 56,000 prisoners died during the civil war. The reasons varied from wounds, infectious diseases, but most stemmed from unsanitary conditions such as contaminated food and water, lack of proper clothing and shelter.

Note: William’s son, Hezekiah, tragically died in 1902. He was riding a railroad tricycle inspecting track. The passenger train was running ten hours late and Hezekiah had his back to the train. The engineer did not see him nor knew of an accident until the train reached Great Bend. The train did not run over the body, but Hezekiah died of internal injuries.

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