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Ludwig & Maria Gertrud Hennecke – Holy Cross Cemetery, Windthorst, Ford County, Kansas

Early settlers of “the German community” of Windthorst included Ludwig Louis Hennecke and his wife, Maria Gertrud Hondorf Duetmann.

The headstone reads: Heir Ruhet Ludwig Hennecke Gest 15 Marz 1892 72 Jahre Alt (years old)

Ludwig Louis Hennecke was born on March 15, 1820, in Germany. He left Germany and emigrated to America in 1845. By 1870, Ludwig has settled in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. Ten years later, Ludwig, his wife Marie and step-son Alphonse Duetmann were living in Wheatland Twp. Ford County. Mr. Hennecke passed away in 1892 at the age of 72. He is buried with his wife at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Mrs. Hennecke was born Maria Gertrud Hondorf in Hanover Germany in 1822. In 1847 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Maria married, William Duetmann (1811-1859). His death left Maria with three young girls and a 2-month old infant boy. Living in the same community, Hamilton County, Ohio, might have made it easier for Ludwig and Maria to meet. They were married in 1870. After Ludwig died in 1892, Maria lived with Alphonse and his family until her death in 1896. She is buried with her husband in Holy Cross Cemetery.

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