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Juttner Family-Evergreen Cemetery, Holy Cross Cemetery, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Ford County, Kansas

The Juttner family story begins with the birth of Joseph Edward Juttner, Sr. in1844. He left Germany and came to America in 1885 where he made his way to Chicago, Illinois. It was there he met and married his first wife, Anna Marie Ketwa (b. 1850 in Germany), on October 18, 1874. Five children were born to the couple with only three surviving into adulthood.

Joseph Sr., Anna Marie, and children Elizabeth, Joseph Jr., and Frank settled in Wheatland Twp. Ford County. Anna Marie died shortly after arriving in 1879. She was 29 years old. She is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Windthorst.

The Juttner family was considered prosperous. By the turn of the century, the Juttner Family owned a section of land. Joseph, Sr. married Rebecca Evans Helwig, herself a widower, in 1907. Two sons were born to this union.

Joseph Jr. married Carlina Heiland, whose father was also an early settler in the area. They were the parents of four children. Elizabeth married Frank Shultz.

Joseph retired from active farming in March of 1917 and died unexpectedly in August. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Rebecca moved to Topeka, Shawnee County to live with her oldest son. She died of cancer in 1918 and is buried at the Topeka Cemetery in Shawnee County, Kansas.

There is a headstone in Zion Lutheran Cemetery which reads: Frank Sohn Von Joseph and Anna Juttener Geborn AM 19 December 1878 Gesturben AM 28 April 1903. He was the youngest son and chose to keep the German spelling.

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