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Family Connections – Bridget Quealy and John G. Burke, St. Mary’s Cemetery, Hodgeman, Kansas

There is only one headstone in St. Mary’s with the surname of Quealy. It reads: Margaret Quealy 1899-1915 and William Quealy 1892-1914

Margaret and William are the children of Thomas and Bridget Quealy. Their youngest child, Helen, was born in 1890.

David and Bridget were born in Ireland and came to the United States. They moved to Chicago, Illinois where David died at the age of 28. Bridget took her three young children back to Ireland to live with her mother and sister. They spent about eight years there and came back to Chicago.

John G. Burke was born in 1856 in Illinois and came to Kansas from Chicago. He worked at the Mudge Ranch with his cousin Michael Gleason. Probably to visit his parents, John G. returned to Chicago and married Bridget Quealy on May 17, 1899.

They eventually came out to Hodgeman County and settled two miles north of St. Mary’s Church. Margaret passed away in 1915 at the age of 26. William married Emma and lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Emma died in 1899 of tuberculosis and is buried at Union Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri. William died in 1914 and was brought back to St. Mary’s to be buried.

The youngest Quealy, Helen, married James D. Gleason on April 14, 1915, in Kinsley, Kansas. They were the parents of seven children.

John G. died in 1927. Bridget passed away in 1954 at the age of 90. They are all buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Note: I would love to know more about their story. You can contact me through Jacque through the library or my website

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