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Early Settlers – Herrmann/Oster – Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Edwards County, Kansas

Johann Herrmann and Nicholas Oster came to America in early spring 1879. They were looking for fertile soil where they could farm and raise their families. Land agents from the railroad suggested riding the train with him to Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas. The two men were duly impressed and brought their families to Kansas. Others from the Limbach region of Germany accompanied the Herrmann and Oster families. Together, they formed the Sts. Peter and Paul community.

Johann “John” Herrmann was born in 1828. At the age of 25, he married Eva Straesser. Six known children were born to the couple. Eva passed away and is buried in Limbach, Germany. Johann’s children were adults when the family emigrated. The children:

Gertrude married Nickolaus Oster, and they were blessed with four children. Peter married Catherine Birsinger and raised eight children. John entered the Sacred Heart Abbey Benedictine Order in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He died as a young man and is buried in their monastic cemetery. Nicholas entered the Benedictine Order at Atchison, Kansas. He also died as a young priest and is buried in their monastic cemetery.

Johann died in 1910 at the age of 82. He is buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery with his three children, their spouses, and many grandchildren.

In 1857, Nicholas Oster was born in Germany. At the age of 21, he came to America with Johann Herrmann and his children. Two years of having his wheat crops ruined by drought, Nick moved to Osage City, Kansas where he worked in the coal mines. He returned to Kinsley and married Gertrude Herrmann in 1881. They were blessed with four children. Joseph died at the age of three. Mary married Isadore Burkhart and were blessed with six children. Peter died at the age of 34 from influenza and pneumonia. Their youngest, Katharina, died at four months old.

Gertrude passed away from a lingering illness in 1910 at the age of 54. Nick died in 1937. They are both buried at Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery.

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