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Early Pioneer – Urias Krom – Silent Land Cemetery, Spearville, Ford County, Kansas

Coming to Ford County in 1877 and settling five miles east of Spearville just north of the Santa Fe Trail ruts was Urias Krom and his family.

Their story begins with the birth of Urias Krom in Ulster County, New York in 1843. Urias enlisted in the 16th New York Light Independent Battery in 1862. Upon his discharge in 1865, he had risen to the rank of Corporal.

Urias returned to New York and married Frances Smith on the last day of 1867. They were the parents of three girls. Urias came to Kansas in October 1877 and set about getting things settled for his family. He built a sodhouse which he plastered, put in a floor, and adding a basement. Frances boarded the train to Spearville in November 1878 with the three girls who ranged in age from 14 months to nine years old.

Frances experienced quite a shock as she got off the train. She had left Binghamton, New York with its beautiful homes, churches, and an abundance of trees and rainfall. She arrived in southwest Kansas which could only be described as a desolate prairie. Loneliness was added to the list as Urias traveled to nearby towns and put his carpentry skills to good use. Frances was left alone with the three girls.

The family did adjust and were a part of the area for 40 years. Urias passed away in 1918 and Frances died two years later. They are both buried in Silent Land Cemetery.

Their youngest daughter, Agnes, married Edward Quick. His family arrived in Spearville in 1878. Edward and Agnes had one child, a son.

Note: Edwards’s parents, Jacob Siegler and Mary Elizabeth Jenkins had six children. Elmer, who was born in Geneseo, Illinois in 1874 and died November 16, 1879. He is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery south of Spearville.

Note: Pioneer Cemetery is located 8 miles southwest of Spearville. Mr. Andrew Jackson Imel donated land for this cemetery. There are some headstones made from soft rock most are unreadable.

Personal Note: Edward and Agnes Quick opened part of their home to display old relics and souvenirs. It was called the Quick Pioneer Museum. I would like to know more about this. You can contact Spearville News or on this site with information.

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