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Christ Fahlsing Family – Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas

The Fahlsing family left Germany in 1872 and first settled in Iowa. Seven years later they had settled in Edwards County, Kansas.

Christopher Fahlsing was born in Germany in 1839. His wife, Caroline was born in 1845. The two were married on April 16, 1864. Louisa, Henry, and Lewis were born in Germany and came to America at the ages of three, two, and one year old. The family spent seven years in Iowa before heading to Kansas.

They boarded the Santa Fe train and rode it to the end of the line which was Kinsley. Their first home was 12 miles south of Kinsley. Their last child, Frederich was born there.

As with other pioneers, the Fahlsing’s faced the same challenges including drought, insects, and prairie fires. On one occasion, Louisa stayed home with Fred, while the rest of the family helped to fight a prairie fire. She looked out and saw the fire heading toward their home. Louisa went out to fight it, but the wind changed, and she was caught in the path of the fire. She lay down on the ground as the fire passed over her. Miraculously, she survived without any burns.

Louisa married John Wallis and is buried in Hutchinson, Kansas. Henry married Anna Sophia Duncker and they are buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

Lewis married Minnie Quasebarth while Frederich married Sophia Quasebarth. They are all buried at Hillside Cemetery. Caroline passed away in 1921. By the time of Christ’s death in 1923, he had acquired approximately 1000 acres. They are also buried in Hillside Cemetery.

Christ had a brother, Henry Vahlsing (spelled the same as on headstone), who came to America in 1867 and settled in Iowa. Henry and Christ came to Edwards County about the same time. His first wife died in Kansas and in 1890 he married Fredericka Duncker whose first husband died in 1876. Fredericka was left to raise five children. Henry died in 1915 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery with Fredericka.

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