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All in the Family – Civil War Veterans - Trotter Cemetery, Edwards County, Kansas

Sgt. Thomas Zimmet enlisted in Co. K 111st PA Infantry. He fought in some of the bloodiest at Gettysburg and Chancellorsville. At the Battle of Lookout Mountain on June 21, 1864, Sgt. Zimmet suffered a gruesome injury as part of his right foot was shot off. He was discharged on March 31, 1865, with a $15.00 per month pension.

Thomas’ brother, John Zimmett, enlisted at the beginning of the war with Co. C 2nd US Sharpshooters. His disability is unknown, but he was honorably discharged four months later.

Thomas Zimmet was the oldest son of Adam and Elizabeth Zimmett. He was born in Germany in 1837. John was born a year later. When the boys were still young, the family came to America and settled in Pennsylvania.

John was the first to marry and wed Barbara Bowers in 1868. They were the parents of six children. Thomas married Sophia Zeitler in 1876 and were the parents of five children. The brothers came to Edwards County about 1878 and settled in Brown Twp.

The families of Thomas and John were among the early settlers and were involved in the growth of the area. Thomas was elected township trustee and were both brothers served as Edwards County Commissioner.

John passed away in 1921 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery along with his wife and five children. Thomas passed away in 1902 and is buried in Trotter Cemetery. His daughter, Anna, died of malarial fever in 1905. Both share the same stone. Sophia and another son are also buried in Trotter Cemetery.

Note: You may have noticed that John and Thomas spell their surnames differently. This is another example of a relative who keeps the German spelling and another relative “Americanized” the name.

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